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태학산자연휴양림, 가족바비큐장 4월 1일 개장

2024-03-25 20:17
천안시는 시민의 산림휴양서비스 제공 확대를 위해 4월부터 태학산자연휴양림 내 가족바비큐장을 개장한다고 22일 밝혔다.

시는 기존 오토캠핑장을 확장해 피크닉테이블, 고정식 텐트 등 편의시설을 갖춘 가족바비큐장(피크닉장) 8면을 조성했으며 천안도시공사에 위탁해 운영한다.

예약은 숲나들e 누리집(foresttrip.go.kr)를 통해 예악하며 8면 중 4면은 천안시민 우선예약제도로 운영할 예정이다.

김창영 산림휴양과장은 “가족바비큐장(피크닉장)은 시민들의 요구를 반영해 조성했다”며 “앞으로도 태학산자연휴양림을 찾는 시민들의 의견을 적극 반영해 시민들이 찾고 싶은 휴양림이 될 수 있도록 산림휴양시설을 확충해 나갈 것”이라고 밝혔다.

기사 및 사진자료 제공 : 천안시청 홈페이지 https://www.cheonan.go.kr/



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Cheonan City announced on the 22nd that it will open a family barbecue area in the Taehaksan Natural Recreation Forest from April to expand the provision of forest recreation services for citizens.

The city expanded the existing auto camping site to create eight family barbecue areas (picnic areas) equipped with amenities such as picnic tables and stationary tents, and entrusted them to Cheonan City Corporation to operate.

Reservations will be made through the Forest Nadeul website (foresttrip.go.kr), and 4 out of 8 pages will be operated as a priority reservation system for Cheonan citizens.

Kim Chang-young, head of the Forest Recreation Division, said, "The family barbecue area (picnic area) was created in response to the needs of citizens," and added, "We will continue to expand the forest recreation facilities so that it can become a recreational forest that citizens want to visit by actively reflecting the opinions of citizens who visit Taehaksan Natural Recreation Forest."


Article and photo provided by Cheonan City Hall website https://www.cheonan.go.kr/



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